About Anxiety

One in four people experience a mental health problem of some kind, including anxiety and depression, according to the Mental Health Foundation. We know the symptoms and we know how it affects us. Sometimes we are more likely to talk about the weather than share our feelings or seek help. This is because there can be a stigma associated with a poorly mind.


Self-care involves understanding our individual needs and trying to keep in line with them which is a way of boosting resilience and providing a buffer against the stresses of life. Self-care is about anything that inspires, restores and improves your health. It's important not to feel guilty about having fun. Mindfulness also has a part to play in a person's wellbeing.

For the world that we live in "self-care has never been more important to us all".

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Our Story

it's good to talk was started to help others to share their own experiences, all of our helpers have lived experience and will help you to reduce your level of anxiety, improve your confidence and self-belief. We work in the community in and around Nottinghamshire with small groups and volunteer with organisations such as the NHS, Time to Change and Self Help UK helping people to help themselves by encouraging them to change how they think and respond to situations around their anxiety.

Get togethers

We talk to local community groups at small venues that are safe and comfortable for you. We share our own lived experiences and encourage and motivate you to try new non medical ways of reducing your anxiety to make your life better and happier.

To attend one of our group talks in your area contact us for further information.
Get Togethers
It's Good - To Talk - Infuse

it’s good – to talk

We encourage people to change their schedules and meet up and talk (about anything) because it's good to talk and listen and share with like minded people.
We help to run a number of small groups for 3 or 4 people that meet up to get to know each other and start to talk. The place is your choice, somewhere safe, your local coffee shop is a great start. Contact us and we will help you to start the ball rolling.

To attend one of our coffee group talks in your area contact us for further information.
It's Good - To Talk
All this cup needs is people talking around it


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